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Main goal of the field camp is to teach and give some practical experience in geophysical studies. We will show in the field how geophysical methods reveal structure and physical properties of the subsurface in the studied area. Participants will take part in survey planning as well as data processing and interpretation while working in small teams.

We plan Field Camp as an international activity with English being a working language.

Expected dates for the field camp: August 7-21, 2018.

Main activities include:
-  introductory lectures on theory and practice of addressed geophysical methods;
-  field experiments;
-  supervised data processing, report preparation and defense;
-  social activities for teambuilding.

Near-surface geophysical methods to be covered:
-  seismic profiling;
-  electric resistivity tomography (ERT);
-  transient electromagnetic (TEM);
-  ground penetrating radar (GPR).

Practical experience in using state-of-the-art geophysical equipment and methods will be specifically useful for students specializing in Earth Sciences. Expected benefits include:
-  practical skills in several geophysical methods; 
-  development of leadership and team-working skills.

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